Haunted House

We all face things in life that scare and worry us. But there are also times where the fear and...

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I Have A Big But

Many people have big buts when it comes to Christianity. I believe in God but…..Some of these...

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This Is Us

There are things that we do on the outside that can communicate about who we are on the inside....

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5 Lies

Nobody likes to be lied to, but what if the person who lied to you is yourself? Everyday, we go...

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FAQ 2017

We all have questions that linger in the backs of our minds about God, culture, morality, and...

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Wonder Women

There are many women who made incredible impacts throughout history and whose stories are...

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One of Grace Church’s 4 CORE VALUES is being Biblically Centered. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that we should adjust our lives to fit the Bible and not adjust the Bible to fit our lives. So to help you take your next step in living a biblically centered life we gathered some resources for you, enjoy!

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It’s like Netflix for Bible Studies! Get full access to more than 20,000 streaming videos for free. You’ll find material on everything from parenting to finances to recovery and addiction. Plus you can choose from more than 2,000 wholesome, educational, and entertaining videos!

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