How To Win With Your Money


These resources are extremely beneficial for people of all ages. Whether you are struggling with money or interested in learning ways to manage your money better, these are for you! Managing money wisely will help you honor God with what He has entrusted you with.


Gather Your Paperwork

Stuff like bills, loans, receipts, personal expenses (e.g. cell phones and entertainment), and paycheck stubs.

Set a Date

Plan a time with your spouse (if applicable) in a distraction-free environment to tackle your budget together. Bring a calculator

Fill Out the Form

Download our simple budget form and start budgeting today!

Next Steps

Once you’ve completed the Quick-Start Budget, choose one of the following to track your expenses each month:

Monthly Cash Flow Plan

Now it’s time to get more detailed. Use this budget form to list every single one of your monthly expenses. Be as thorough as possible!


Irregular Income Budget

If you’re self-employed or work on a commission, then this budget form is for you!


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