At the Kids Lobby check in, you will find trained team members to guide you through the process of checking in your child and finding their classroom. Each guardian and their child will receive an ID sticker with a claim tag and a unique pager code.

To check a child out, present your claim tag to your child’s classroom teacher or assistant.

If your claim tag is misplaced, head to the check-in area for a reprint.

If, for any reason, you need to bring your child out of the nursery or a classroom for a short time and do not feel comfortable bringing them into the auditorium, you do not have to worry about missing the service. It is live streamed on screens in the cafe and lobby for your convenience. You can also bring your children right into the service, as they are always welcome!

Our desire to make our classrooms relevant and accessible to ALL children, this means that it is important that we inform our teachers on your child’s specific needs. We realize that our staff will be providing classroom accommodations and lesson modifications for some children while for other children it may mean pairing them with a “buddy” to receive 1-on-1 attention throughout the class.

If your child would benefit from any of these, please take a few minutes to complete this online form and/or email questions to kids@thatsgrace.org.



Your child is very important to us. Our nursery is staffed with caring, well-trained adults. There are plenty of age-appropriate toys and opportunities to interact with others. Parents can feel confident their little ones are getting personal care in a safe and nurturing environment.


Our toddler classrooms are designed especially for toddlers’ inquisitive nature. They get the chance to channel their creativity at arts and crafts time, learn songs at the welcome circle and play games that prepare them to learn a weekly multimedia Bible lesson taught by the popular video character Ollie the Owl. There is also time to munch on classroom snacks and participate in free play.


We all know how enthusiastic preschoolers can be. Our teachers love to help them channel their energetic spirit in a way that helps them learn core principles in their lives. Preschoolers will enjoy activities that make them get on their toes and put on their thinking caps. It might be a treasure hunt, a guessing game, or dancing to positive music. No matter what it is, they have fun! During class, kids also take part in a multimedia lesson from a popular video character, Ollie the Owl and participate in a group activity or craft time that helps keep the lesson of the day fresh in their minds.


Our elementary classrooms are set up to combine high-energy activities with opportunities to build friendships and learning. Kids have the opportunity to complete arts and crafts activities and participate in relationship-building games designed to help them learn how to work together. Each Sunday, a multimedia Bible lesson connects a bible story to the monthly life application or character trait being studied. After that, they join together for another activity to help them think deeper about what they learned and how it can apply to their everyday life.

For questions, email kids@thatsgrace.org.