Have you believed in the lie that you can’t change? Maybe you have told yourself that your destined this way because of your past. Or because of your family line, you’ll always deal with certain things. Or maybe you’ve just accepted that you are the way you are and nothing you do can change that. In the first week of this series, Pastor Sean talks about how this lie affects us and motivates us to respond in one of five ways. He also gives two actions steps that you can take to allow God to transform the things in your life that you can’t.



Some of us believe that we can’t change. This is who you are.

  • You’ll never be sexually pure.
  • You’ll never be emotionally healthy.
  • You’ll never get over the loss, the pain, the abuse.
  • You’re destined to end up like your mom or dad.
  • You will never overcome your addiction.

When we get like this, we respond in one of five ways…

  • We give up on god and lay down in the sin.
  • We rationalize our sin and figure God may ignore it.
  • We say we can’t change because it’s who I am.
  • We hide our issues and pretend we’ve got it all together.
  • We work our butts off to fix ourselves.

There are some things that we CAN do but there are also some things that we CAN’T fix on our own.


TRUTH – Jesus lived life without sin or defect to suffer the consequences of our sins and defects so that we could escape the eternal consequences of both.

TRUTH – Until we cut the chains connecting us to these sins and defects, we still struggle to be free.