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Better Together

Have you ever felt alone and isolated in your life? Like the weight of life was more than you could deal with by yourself? Or maybe you’ve discovered that your faith is really easy to live out on Sundays, but a lot harder come Monday morning. God never intended you to live life alone, but furthermore, God also never intended you to grow in your faith alone either. Along with food, water, and shelter, we all have an innate desire to feel like we belong. Some of the best TV show ever all center around this. Shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Friends, Cheers, and many more all point to our desire to live in a community. In this series, we will look at how God has wired you to live in community, and how by doing so, you will not only be able to grow in your own faith, but help others along the way in theirs.

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How Bad Do You Want It

Being in close community with those who are working to follow Jesus is one of the best ways for you to continue growing in your faith and overcoming barriers and struggles in your life. But just joining a life group or growth group doesn't mean you're going to grow. In this week's message, Pastor Sean talks about how deep down you are going to WANT to grow. Regardless of anything a pastor or church can do to help promote your spiritual growth, at the end of the day you must choose whether or not you are going to rearrange your life and make the necessary changes in order to follow Jesus. 

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To Know And Be Known

 We all have the desire within us to know others and be known by others. To have a tribe of people that we feel we are responsible for and are responsible for us. In fact, we are a healthier version of ourselves when we choose to open up and be deeply known by others. When we have people that we feel like we can share anything and everything with. In this week's message, Pastor Sean talks about what it looks like at Grace Church to establish these type of close knit relationships with people who are trying to follow God just like you are. And no surprise, the Bible has a lot to say about why you need to know, and be known deeply by others.

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Life In Community

Having a sense of belonging is one of the top needs of every individual. We were created to be that way. After food, water, shelter, and safety, we long to have a tribe of people that accept us, that make us feel as if we belong. The truth is our community often shapes the person that we become. But so often our faith is limited to an hour long on the weekends, and we are never able to belong to a community of people who are going in the same direction we are in our faith. In this weekend's teaching, Pastor Sean talks about how community is not only vital to your faith and growth, but also to other around you. And when life gets tough, your community is the very thing that can keep you going in your faith.

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