Grace Church is a growing group of friends and neighbors from all over the south metro area of Boston who have two things in common: a love for God and a passion to serve our community.

We come from many different backgrounds and are in various places in our spiritual journey. Some of us have been following Jesus for years and others aren't quite sure what to think of Jesus yet.

We hope that no matter where you are with God, you'll find Grace to be the best place to take your next step. Show up this weekend. We'd love to meet you.  

  • Life Groups Start Soon!!

    It's easy to feel lost in a large crowd. Life Groups are an open door into the life of Grace Church. When you're here, you're family! When you get in a group, you experience the support of people who love God and genuinely care about you.


  • Last Week's Teaching!

    Why Do I Do What I Do?

    Have you ever wondered why people do the crazy stuff that they do? Have you ever stopped to think why YOU do the things that you do? In this week's message, Pastor Ken takes a look at what the Bible has to say about our actions and what it is that causes them. 
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