New seasons prompt a spirit of discovery. And sometimes that leaves us feeling unstable in our relationships. Here’s a few tips for maintaining a positive attitude amidst change, and experiencing growth in the process.

See change as an opportunity

It’s so easy to see change as a threat. But try looking at it as an opportunity instead. An opportunity to grow, learn new things, shake up your routine. Maybe it’s a chance to pick up a new hobby together or meet some new friends. Even if the change is tough at first, it probably will bring some positives too, even if they’re hard to see at the moment. Keep your eyes open for the good it might bring into your lives!

Tackle transitions as a team

When everything feels uncertain, remember you’re in this together as a team. Say “we” are going to tackle this, not “you” vs “me.” Approach the transition as a united front, supporting each other along the way.

Open up to each other

It’s tempting to bottle up worries during stressful changes. But opening up and sharing your feelings, fears, and concerns with your partner can really help. Just putting them out in the open releases their power over you. And your spouse can help reassure and comfort you if they know what’s on your mind.

Focus on what you can control

You can’t control circumstances or other people. But you CAN control your attitude, your responses, your effort. And as a couple, you can control your focus – consciously choosing to avoid blame or criticism. Instead, direct your joint efforts toward shared goals. What do you want to achieve or work toward as a team?

Learn new skills

Why not learn some new skills together to help manage changing circumstances? Whether it’s financial planning, coping techniques, or communication skills, growing together builds strength.

Celebrate small wins

Make sure to celebrate even small wins and milestones together along this journey of change. Note the progress. Do a happy dance, go out for dinner – whatever marks the moment. Transition can feel endless, so be intentional about acknowledging achievements, even tiny ones. It keeps you motivated.

Keep perspective

If the uncertainty starts to feel overwhelming, remind yourselves of tough challenges you’ve already navigated in the past – as a couple and individually. You have resilience. Transition may shake things up, but it’s likely not your first rodeo dealing with some kind of change. Draw strength from those past experiences of overcoming. What tools helped back then that could serve you well now? How did you get through it and come out stronger on the other side? Remember, this too shall pass.