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Webinar Wednesdays

Learning from the experts

A helpful way to feel more confident about navigating life while living in a global pandemic is to equip yourself with knowledge and strategies from experts. Webinar Wednesday taps into expert knowledge on a variety of topics, including safety, schooling from home, mental health and more. Explore our webinars below and reserve your spot to one today!

Healthy Communication With Your Kids

With Parenting Author Chap Bettis on Wed, May 27 at 8pm

As everyone shelters in place, tension is growing within many families. Find yourself yelling or shouting at your kids more often than you like? Parenting author Chap Bettis shows us how to shift our mindset, so we can communicate more effectively with our kids.

Simple Tips for Getting Your Dream Job

Wednesday, June 3 at 8pm

Now might be the perfect time to freshen up your resume and start looking for that dream job you’ve always wanted. In this webinar we’ll be learning exactly what you should be focusing on and what makes the biggest impact!

Understanding The 5 Love Languages

Wednesday, June 10 at 8pm

Ever feel like the way you’re communicating with your spouse or partner just isn’t working? No matter how much you try to explain it just isn’t getting through? It’s because you’re speaking the wrong language! The 5 Love Languages is a #1 best selling book that has helped save millions of relationships and in this webinar we’ll be learning the basics of how to use the 5 Love Languages to better communicate.

Online Trivia Night! Winners get $100

Wednesday, June 24 at 8pm

Just like the popular pub trivia night just online at not in a pub. Play solo or assemble your teammates! The best part is the winning person/team gets $100 to their favorite restaurant!

Past Webinars

Keeping Your Kids Safe During Covid

With Dr. Fred Kern

Keeping Your Teens Safe Online

With Burt Parker

Staying Mentally Healthy

With Dr. Katherine Forbes-Smith