Learning from the experts

A helpful way to feel more confident about navigating life while living in a global pandemic is to equip yourself with knowledge and strategies from experts. Webinar Wednesday taps into expert knowledge on a variety of topics, including safety, schooling from home, mental health and more. Explore our webinars below and reserve your spot to one today!

5 Habits of a Healthy Marriage

Wednesday, October 28 at 8pm

We’re guessing you didn’t get married because you thought you would be miserable with the person you love. You got married because you thought you would have more joy with them. As you’ve discovered keeping your marriage healthy is not easy!

In this free webinar we’ll be discussing the key habits that help create and maintain a healthy relationship.

Personal Budgeting Workshop

Wednesday, November 18 at 8pm

Budgeting has gotten a bad reputation as something that is restrictive, boring and doesn’t work. However all that a budget is is a plan for your money based on your priorities and goals. Have you ever wondered why some people are so good with their money and others aren’t?

Likely someone taught them how to manage their money so they can create the life they want.

In this free webinar we’ll be going step by step on how to setup and manage a budget that actually works!