Moses Heyward is a busy dad. He has two kids, a full-time job as a lawyer, and a side gig in real estate. But in spite of Moses’ rigorous work schedule, he knew he wanted to serve people at Grace Church. Just as important, he also wanted to be a part of his boys’ spiritual journeys. Through volunteering with Grace Kids, he found a way to do both.

At first, he was nervous he wouldn’t have the time for it. Moses says, “I wasn’t sure about the amount of commitment that would be needed for preparing.” But he decided to try it out anyway. He soon found it was much simpler than he anticipated. “Preparing is easy and fun!” says Moses, “The Grace team provides a detailed regimen that helps keep the lessons on target. I just have to spend time reviewing that.”

Over time, Moses has become more and more passionate about Grace Kids. “I love teaching!” He says, “I love answering the kids’ questions and being involved. The kids really give you unique perspectives and their questions provide insights into their thought process and their lives.”

And just as he hoped, volunteering in classes that his boys attend has given him the opportunity to become closer with them. Moses says, “[It] was an easy way to spend more valuable time with my kids and be directly involved in their spiritual learning.”

These days, Moses is also beginning to see a change in his own spiritual life as a result of his involvement with Grace Kids. “The more questions I answer from the kids, the more I think about small practical ways to apply Christ’s teachings in everyday life and routine situations,” says Moses, “Volunteering has helped me be more respectful of different perspectives and has caused me to be a better listener.”

Now he is a big advocate for trying out volunteering with Grace Kids. “You’ll like it!” Moses says, “I really didn’t know how much I would enjoy teaching the kids, and now I can’t imagine not being involved. I really look forward to the weeks that we are up!”

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