Our culture dreads work. We’re fed the philosophy that we’re all “working for the weekend.”We’ve adopted phrasing like the “Monday Blues”, “Hump Day”, and TGIF. It’s the thing we spend the most time doing and the least time enjoying. But what if what you do for a living matters more than you think? What if you are simply looking at it wrong? In the fourth week of this series, Pastor Sean talks about what God has to say about our work and how one little mindset shift, can totally change how we think, enjoy, and approach our work.



What if what we do for a living matters more than we think? What if we’re just looking at it wrong?

“Work is where we’ll spend most of our lives and experience God the least.” -Joe Carroll

All work is important, if it’s made important.


We have separated our spiritual lives from our work lives, family life, play life etc. The Bible makes no distinction between the two.

  • Everything we do is spiritually connected to us.


  • Work is the third instruction we are give by God.
  • God is at work “redeeming his people.

There is nothing better to enjoy than your work.

Eccelsiastes 3:22 

So I saw that there is nothing better for people than to be happy in their work. That is our lot in life. And no one can bring us back to see what happens after we die.


What we do matters to God.

  • In work, we bear God’s image.
  • When we turn fabric into clothing, teach a child to read, conduct electricity safely through a building, prepare meals, write code, fix cars, we are following God’s pattern of creating order.

What is it was through your work that God did the greatest work through your life, outside of your family? What weould have to change? How would you look at your job/school differently?



  • What kind of employer/employee/student are you?
  • How do others at work/school feel about you?
  • Ask God to help you look at work/school differently.
  • Ask God to help you experience Him at work/school.