When you look at many of the Christians in our world today, they don’t look much different from everyone else. If you are a follower of Jesus, God has given you the Holy Spirit in order to empower you to live a life that looks more and more like Jesus. But many people don’t know who the Holy Spirit is, what He does in our lives, and how exactly He can transform our lives. In this week’s message, Pastor Ken gives and overview of who the Holy Spirit is and gives 3 unique ways that the Holy Spirit works in our lives.



The Bible mentions the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost or Spirit of God) over 800 times. But most followers of Jesus would probably struggle to share 10 things about Him.


God has given us this amazing resource that has the ability to transform our lives.

  • Acts 1:8 – It’s the Holy Spirit (Pneuma: blast of breath/power) who empowers people with the spiritual gifts to live a supernatural life.
  • He’s producing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control.

….but we know little about Him.


When it comes to the Holy Spirit, most people’s experience swings to one side of the pendulum. Either over-emphasis or under-emphasis.


When you look today at Christians , what you so often see are people who look no different from the rest of the world. We see people struggling with fear, anxiety, and worry. God wants us to live a spirit-filled, spirit-empowered, and spirit-equipped life.


Why Do So Many Christians Live A Spirit-Less Life?

  1. We’re not aware of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 19:1-2)
  2. We resist the Holy Spirit. (Acts 7:51)
  3. We’re too busy to hear the Holy Spirit.


What we would like to do in the next few weeks is to get a Biblical understanding of who exactly the Holy Spirit is, what he does, and what He does in the life of a follower of Jesus.


3 Simple Ways The Holy Spirit Works In Our Lives

  1. The Holy Spirit comforts you. (John 14:16-17) Advocate/Comforter is the Greek word “parakletos” – means called alongside to assist. The Holy Spirit does not work inside of us, or in spite of us, but in and through us. This comfort isn’t soothing but more a strengthening to face difficulty.
  2. The Holy Spirit counsels you (John 16:12-13). (Ask for direction, discernment or wisdom) Isaiah 30:21.  Primarily counsels through the Bible. Secondarily counsel comes through Godly people.
  • Jesus is the truth and the Word of God is truth and the Spirit of God is the Spirit of truth, so He will not direct you to do something contrary to the teachings of the Bible.
  • The Holy Spirit convicts you (Johns 16:8)Ever get the feeling in your gut that something isn’t as it should be and you get a sense of I shouldn’t do that.
  • Resist and do it anyways and immediately feel convicted by the Holy Spirit.