Are you feeling like you need more of God’s power and presence in your life? Is there something that you are struggling with that you wish God would just take away? Last week, we talked about how sometimes we don’t feel God in our lives because we have worked so hard to resist His promptings. In this week’s message, Pastor Sean talks specifically about the power that the Holy Spirit gives to us, and what our next steps should be if we don’t feel God’s presence as much as we want to.



Those who have the Holy Spirit in their life should experience life differently than those who don’t.


However too often, we resist the Holy Spirit’s work in our life or we are too busy to hear from Him.


Some of us right now are in desperate need of the Holy Spirit’s power in our lives and NEED today’s teaching.

The power of the Holy Spirit, at work in a person’s life, gives them the ability to do things that they could not do on their own.


Do you know of anyone who seems to have a direct line to God?

  • They think of the right Bible verse at the right time.
  • They say the perfect thing at the right moment
  • They stay calm in the midst of chaos
  • What if the Holy Spirit WAS actually more active in them?

(Romans 8:11, Phil 3:10, Acts 2:4-5,8).


The Holy Spirit works in you to give you four things:

1.The power to share Jesus effectively (1 Cortinthians 2:4-5, Luke 12:11-12).

  • Sometimes we’re asked to pray and we freak out and then God moves in us through our prayers.

2. The power to overcome in our weaknesses

  • (Romans 8:26, Ezek 36:26-27)

3. The power to hang on when you want to quit. (Romans 15:13, Romans 8:28, Ephesians 3:16-17).