While most of us want to live a life defined by joy and contentment, it seems incredibly difficult to obtain and at times almost impossible. Whether it is comparison, outside circumstances, or other people that rob our joy, something always seems to right there threatening to steal away the joy we want. And honestly, for many of us, the biggest reason that we can’t find joy is because of the deep, disappointment that we have with ourselves. So how can experiencing joy become easy? How can that be the default reaction we have when bad things come our way. In the third week of this series, Pastor Sean talks about how joy must become a habit in order for it be our default reaction and shows from the Bible how we can get over the self loathing that keeps us stuck.



2 Questions:

1. How can joy become my default setting? Not just something I do, but a description of who I am?

2. What if joy had less to do with the things I do than the person I am?


That is what Paul writes about in Philippians 3.


Philippians 3:1


No matter what happens…

  • Joy is not a natural response to a bad situation.
  • It’s a choice to trust God in spite of the situation
  • How? You belong to God, He saw it coming, and has worked it into your story.


Paul says that your choice to be content protects against the weakening of your faith.


So how can joy become a daily habit for me?

Philippians 3:2-4


If we’re going to be honest, one of the reasons we can’t seem to find joy is the deep disappointment we often have with ourselves.


But your relationship with God was never based on human effort.


Philippians 3:5-8


Your faith can’t be about you. neither can your joy.


Philippians 3:9-11


We gauge the value of our lives on what I’ve done rather than how closely I’ve walked with the one who gave me that life.


Joy becomes a habit when I remember that my performance doesn’t affect my value.


Joy comes from knowing Jesus more.


Joy is remembering…

  • That God is good when life is hard.
  • That I don’t beat sin by getting stronger but by getting closer.
  • That my relationship with God can’t be ruined by my dysfunction.
  • His purpose won’t be thwarted by my imperfection.
  • His strength will be proven through my weakness.


Joy becomes habit when my pain moves me closer to Jesus.


The way you respond to conflict and hard times is a reflection on your faith in God.

Philippians 3:15-19


Philippians 3:20-21