What is the one thing that you possess that you’d be LOST without? The thing that defines you and what you work hardest to hold onto? Maybe it’s a job or a relationship. Maybe it’s your reputation, your money, or your possessions. If God asked you to let go of it, would you? Before you say yes, think about what that would cost you. What would your life look like without that thing? In the last week of this series, Pastor Sean looks at how Abraham responded when God asked him to surrender his “everything” to Him. And from this story points out what things in our lives we are resistant to surrender for fear that God won’t provide, and what we need to do about it.



Why didn’t God just give everything to Abram, that he had promised right away? God wasn’t just trying to take Abram somewhere, He wanted to make him someone!


Ephesians 2:10 – has been a theme verse for this series.

  • We are in between the #2 and #4 lest religious cities.
  • We’ve got to individually and collectively position ourselves to be used of God to make a difference.

Genesis 22:1-2 

– God tests Abram and calls his name

What could Abram have dine? But he says, “Here I am”.

Why? Because he trusted God.


God pulls out the big ask in verse 2.

  • Your son, your ONLY son, the one you love.

What is the one thing that if you lost it, you’d be lost?

What would happen if God asked you to give it up?

  • It’s not an easy ask. it’s going to take work and theres plenty of time to back out.

Faith is demonstrated not in the beginning of the journey but the end of it. 


  • How do you see this in your life? Maybe you started to give generously, you broke up with someone who didn’t share your faith, or you started showing love t that person who drives you crazy….but somewhere you stopped.

Genesis 22:5

  • “Worship” – odd choice of word.

Abraham’s confidence wasn’t in his ability to FOLLOW through but God’s ability to COME through. 

  • God promised. He has my back. He’ll provide. He’ll take care.


Genesis 22:9

  • Isaac goes along with this. He’s got his Daddy’s faith.
  • Faith is caught, not taught.


Genesis 22:10

Not a story of Abraham’s obedience to God but God’s faithfulness to him. 

  • When you look back, it’s not your obedience but His faithfulness that will stand out.
  • By Abraham’s faith/obedience, Isaac was saved.
  • By our faith/obedience, our friends, neighbors, and strangers can be saved as well.



Christianity is about God’s provision for you.


Life is about how we choose to respond to that provision.


  • God measures generosity by the size of sacrifice, not the size of the gift.