I think most of us would agree that it is a good thing to stay close to God and to intentionally set aside time to hear God’s leading, pruning, and guiding in our hearts. That it’s good to take a step back in life and lean into what God is trying to tell you. But in the last week of our series, we see what the purpose of staying close to God is! It’s not so that we can get more money, be more blessed, or even hear God speaking to our hearts. In fact, tuning our hearts to hear what God wants only matters if we follow through with this one step. And by doing so, we can live lives that are fulfilled in the purpose for which we were created.



John 15:8 


– How do I “remain in His love”?

– What does that even mean?


We don’t want you to pray any less next week than you do this week in a fast. So how can we keep this thing going? What does this even look like?


John 15:10-11


– Can we assume that a loving Father knows more than his kids?

– If so, can we trust the Father to do/direct what’s right?


Our joy is filled to the degree that we obey God.


  • If you’re praying, fasting and reading Scripture, God is going to begin speaking to you.
  • The question isn’t if God is going to speak to me.
  • The question is what I will do, when He does!


Matthew 28:18-20



Matthew 16:24

Mark 1:15

Romans 10:13


BAPTIZE THEM – Who is to be baptized?


Acts 2:36-38

Matthew 3:13-15

Romans 6:4




JOHN 15:26


ILLO: If I’m a toaster, Jesus is the adapter, God is the outlet, the Holy Spirit is the electricity which makes it all possible. He’s the Power that fuels the toasting of bread.

  • But I still don’t have until I put bread in, turn the knob, and push the button down.


Philippians 2:12-13


“The proof of my salvation is my obedience to God.


John 16:5-8


The Holy Spirit prompts me to…

  • Repent of sin
  • Forgive others
  • Leverage more of my life for God’s purposes
  • Talk to my friends about my faith
  • Love unlovely people
  • He’s going to turn up the heat in areas of my life that may be a bit uncomfortable. But, like a toaster, I’m made for that kind of heat and without it, there’s no toast.

Ephesians 1:16-20



What is the next step God is telling you to make?

  • Turn from sin?
  • Be baptized?