Most of us recognize that we all have gifts, talents, time, and resources. Most of the time, we work hard to leverage these things in order to achieve success or to advance ourselves in life. Sometimes we even refer to these things as “God-given” gifts. But have you ever stopped to think what purposes God may have given you these things to accomplish? Most of the time, we leverage them for our good and our purposes. In this week’s teaching, we see from the Bible that God has given us our time, talents, and treasures to help us accomplish the purposes that He has for us in life. But it’s not always about using these things for our good, but for the good things God has planned for us to do.



Matthew 25:14-27 – Everything you have is from God, who cares WHAT you do.

  • He doesn’t give us the same things but he DOES expect us to use ALL of what we have for His purposes.
  • We don’t have the same capacity but we have the same responsibility – to be faithful with what He gave you.

Each of us has the same three assets. Time, Talent, and Treasure.


TIME – Your schedule reflects the priority that God and His will has done in your life.

  • We’re all busy. You make time for what you want. Don’t you?

TALENT – You have skills to bring to the table.

-n You were given your abilities to make more than a dollar. He wants you to make a difference. How are you right now doing that?


TREASURE – The first fruits belong to God

  • Giving the first 10% has been a demonstration of our worship, and acknowledgement that God has given us everything, since Adam.
  • That’s not even being generous, that’s obedience.
  • Generosity is when I do more than what’s expected.
  • “What do I have to give” is the wrong question.


1 Corinthians 3:10-15

  • Where we spend eternity is the same. How we spend it, isn’t.
  • Will you wish you had allowed more time, offered more talent more often or given more generously.

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.” DO YOU?

  • We pick and choose how to love God but we aren’t given that option.
  • He wants our Head, He wants our heart, and our hands.


  • How will you plan to spend time with God this week?
  • If you aren’t giving at a percentage, start. If 2%, go to 5%. Then continue to generosity.
  • If you have a skill to add, write it on a card.