In the last week of our series, Pastor Sean talks about the value of our church that just make might make us the most unique. In fact, it might have been one of the first things that made an impression upon you at our church. That is the value of being radically generous. We all want to be generous people, but what does true generosity look like in our lives and how does it impact our relationship with God? Pastor Sean shares how generosity has been a theme through the entire Bible and shares why our church places a high value on it and how becoming radically generous yourself will impact and grow your faith and relationship with God.



  • This series covers what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus in this church.
  • Every decisions is filtered through what the Bible says
  • Each one of us recognize that God rescues us to rescue others.
  • Each one of us are designed by God to play a role in his family, the church. Our involvement plays a part in becoming a masterpiece
  • Today’s value may be the first one you notice, Radically Generous
  • (Generosity isn’t what do I have to do? It’s what else can I do?)


We’re following a pattern set down by people of faith going all the way back to the first family God created. ( Gen 4:3-5)

  • Cain brought “some of his crops as a gift”.
  • Abel also brought a gift, “the best of the firstborn”
  • Notice the difference? Why did God accept Abel’s offering?
  • It came from a different place.


Generosity is not a sentiment, it is substance. It’s not a feeling but an action.

1 Kings 17:8-16

Does this story slightly offend you?

Why did he ask her to give him a meal first?

  1. He knew God was watching
  2. He knew what would happen if she did
  3. He knew what would happen if she didn’t


We find this theme throughout the entire Bible

  • Abraham gave his only son from Sarah
  • Moses laid down his staff
  • David bought Ornan’s floor, rather than accept it as a gift.
  • In the NT, the widow gave her last two coins (Mark 12:41-44)


We judge our generosity the same way we judge our goodness, by comparing ourselves to those we know are less than us.


God judges our generosity the same way he judges our goodness, by HIS actions, not ours.


When he sees, in us, things that reflect his nature IN US, he cheers.



Stop asking “What do I HAVE to give”. Instead ask “What else CAN I give?

For some of you, you’ve never started a pattern of giving at all. What if your step of faith was the AUTOMATE something to God, first.

If giving, go to 1% for a month. Then 3%, then 5&, then 8%, and then 10%.

If already giving 10%, then start being generous!