When it comes to prayer, many of us are unsure or uncomfortable with how to utilize it in our relationship with God. We say our thoughts and prayers are with others during tough times, but often neglect the “prayer” part. For many of us, talking to God seems intimidating and we believe we have to have eloquent speech and language. And others of us have learned to recite certain prayers since we were kids so much so that we can recite them without even thinking. If prayer is a tool for us to use, then it can only be as effective as our ability to know how to use it. In this week’s message, we look at what Jesus had to say about prayer, and how He shows us a template for what to pray for so that we can become more comfortable talking to God.



Most of us probably want to begin praying more. But we…

  • Don’t necessarily know how.
  • Don’t know what to say.
  • Feel intimidated by prayer


Today, we’ll look at the tools that Jesus gave us to help us pray.


Matthew 6:7-8


Jesus says don’t pray meaningless prayers or empty prayers. Mean what you pray!


  • We don’t pray to God to tell Him things He doesn’t already know.
  • Or to get Him to force things on other
  • We pray to invite God to play a bigger part in our lives.

Matthew 6:9-18


  • Jesus told us not to memorize and chant prayers and then we did the exact thing.
  • This is a model, not a script
  • Use this frame and insert your own picture.


If you’re disconnected from God, there is only one prayer you should pray. That is to tell God you recognize your disobedience towards Him and selfishness towards others creates a divide between Him and you. That you understand and accept that Jesus took your punishment from God in your place so you wouldn’t have to, and to commit to turning away from your sin and disobedience and follow after Jesus.