There are some things in life that require extra focus and attention in order for us to grow in those areas. Passing a difficult exam requires extra studying. Lifting your body weight requires both training and lifestyle changes. And in the same way, there are areas in our spiritual life where God is trying to grow us and prune us, but until we commit to the extra discipline of eliminating noise and creating space for God to show us where to prune, we won’t reach that next level of spiritual maturity. In this week’s message, we talk about how the Bible indicates that setting aside time for fasting and prayer is a key to allow God to do the pruning necessary in your life so that you can grow. And as a result of this teaching, our church together is dedicating themselves to participate in a 21 day fast with prayer.



John 15:4-5


If there is a God, and He really is holy and perfect, then we could never be in His presence.


If God wanted to connect humanity to himself, he would need a bridge. Something to bridge the gap between His holiness and our brokenness.


Jesus didn’t come to start Christianity, Catholicism, Protestants or anything else. He came to reconcile every man and every woman back to their Creator.


John 15:6


God is willing to let anyone connect to Him but ONLY if they go through the connector – Jesus.


John 15: 7-8

  • If you are in him, and His words are in you.
  • You can pray for anything and you’ll have it.
  • Why? Because God’s goal is your fruitfulness.


Daniel 1:8,12-13

Fasting and prayer are two of the tools the Gardener uses to prune us.

  • Jesus said that certain things only happen because of fasting and prayer.


21 Day Fast

  • Spiritual boot camp of prayer and fasting to build your will power over your diet and develop will power over your sin.


Ask “What do you want me to cut back on that’s keeping me from the fruit you want to grow in my life? What branch do you want to cut out completely, because it’s stealing time and emotional energy from another part of my life You want to develop?