There are some things in life that require extra focus and attention in order for us to grow in those areas. Passing a difficult exam requires extra studying. Lifting your body weight requires both training and lifestyle changes. And in the same way, there are areas in our spiritual life where God is trying to grow us and prune us, but until we commit to the extra discipline of eliminating noise and creating space for God to show us where to prune, we won’t reach that next level of spiritual maturity. In this week’s message, we talk about how the Bible indicates that setting aside time for fasting and prayer is a key to allow God to do the pruning necessary in your life so that you can grow. And as a result of this teaching, our church together is dedicating themselves to participate in a 21 day fast with prayer.



John 15:4
John 15:5
Matthew 3:8
John 15:6
John 15:7-8
Psalm 119:105
Daniel 1:12-17
Matthew 9:14-15
“Fasting puts our hearts in rhythm with God.”
“Fasting allows our physical hunger to remind us of our spiritual hunger.”
“Fasting allows God to prune us so we have more room for good fruit.”