Money and the things we use to purchase with it always have a close place in our hearts. In fact, where our money goes will often point to where our interests, passions, and priorities are. Think of it this way, when you were a kid and your parents bought you some shoes, it was okay when they got scuffed and dirty right? But when you saved your money to purchase shoes, you were upset when they got muddy right? The same is true with the cars we drive, the lottery numbers we chose, and even the house we live in. Our money is a GPS to where our heart and priorities are. And often, it can show us how misaligned our priorities are and how far from God’s priorities they in fact are. In this message, we talk about what we can do when we realize our financial priorities are misaligned and how what we do with the money and resources God gave us, can be a harsh reality in how much we truly love God.



The key: My Heart Goes Where My Money Goes


Matthew 6:21

  • Your money is the GPS of your heart.


Inconvenient Truth: God can see whether or not you really do love him because He knows what you do with the money He puts in your hands.


Want to become more passionate about the things of God? Increase your giving to the things of God.

  • This principle works whether you are a Christian or not.
  • Your money not only shows where your heart IS, it also determines where your heart GOES.
  • This is why Jesus talks about our money 2x more than heaven/hell.


Giving has transformational power in our lives because it moves the location of our heart.

  • Money is the center of gravity for the things we care about.


Luke 18:18-23


  • Why did Jesus tell him he had to give away al of his money?
  • What would that have proven?
  • What would happen if Jesus asked YOU to do that?

Luke 19:1-9


  • What was the evidence that this man had found salvation?
  • How had he shown he had become “a true son of Abraham”?
  • Did he buy himself into the Kingdom of God?

Romans 3:22


  • What he did with his money was PROOF of what he had done with his heart.