Have you ever looked at evil in the world and wonder why God doesn’t squash it right then and there? What is He waiting for? Does He not see what is going on? But when it comes to God dealing with the wrong and evil in our lives, we want God to give us a slap on the wrist. As we conclude our series in Amos, Pastor Sean talks about a time when God is done waiting – when He will no longer rescue from the consequences of our wrong actions. But there is a reason why God’s patience is so long.



Recap: Because God is good, He is a God of justice, against all injustice, not just what we see in others.


Repentance is proven by our obedience to God in our everyday.


Amos is sent to warn and offer hope, knowing they wouldn’t heed the warning.


4 Metaphors:

7:1-2 Swarms of Locusts

  • Devour Israel for their sin until Amos intervened.

7:4-6 Fire

  • Devour the land of Israel but Amos intervened

7:7-9 Wall and Plumb Line

  • Measure the hearts of the people to see if they were crooked. If they were guilty, the’d suffer consequences.

8:1-14 Basket Of Ripe Fruit

  • Israel was ripe for punishment. Once beautiful, but now rotten


Amos 9:1-6 God is done waiting…You can run but you can’t hide.

Then Amos 9:7, they forgot that the entire point of God choosing them was the rescue of all mankind.


This is true of you also!



God takes sin way more seriously than you do.

  • right now you have the chance to repents and obey
  • what you do is up to you

God called you and rescued you, like the Jews, so that those around you would have the same chance.

How much longer should he put up with our distractions?