In the first week of this series, we find that the book of Revelation is the only book of the Bible that begins and ends with a blessing to those who read it, to those who hear it, and to those make adjustments in their life accordingly. The purpose of this book isn’t to bring fear about what is to come, but rather for those who follow Jesus to see how God will wrap everything up according to His plan. To bring justice, to right every wrong, and to restore things back to the way He had originally intended it. In the first few chapters, we see what Jesus looks like right now and also read God’s instruction to seven churches that we can make application from today.



Revelation is the only book of the Bible that presents Jesus as He is today.


Matthew 17:1-2


The purpose of this book is to show where things stand and how they wrap up according to plan. We will se Jesus as God in the flesh, full of Glory, how Satan’s work in this world is undone, how justice will be served, mankind rescued and all evil eternally done away with.


Whereas the Bible opens with mankind in perfect relationship with God in a garden, it ends with mankind in perfect relationship with God in a City.


Revelation 1:1-3

  • Only book of the Bible that begins/ends with a blessing to those who read it and obey it.

Revelation 1:4-6

  • From God (was, is, is to come), Spirit, (Is 11:2) Spirit gives rest, wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge, fear of God), and Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus, the ruler of all kings, the most important, the one who freed us from sin and makes us priests of God.

Revelations 1:9-20 – John is the last living disciple but presents Himself humbly.

  • Lampstands (not to hold but hold it up for others to see).
  • Jesus is moving among the churches
  • Don’t be afraid for three reasons:
  • I am the first and last (I’m in control)
  • The Living One alive forever and ever (I do my job)
  • I hold the keys of death and the grave (I have the last word)


Seven Churches:

1. Ephesus (2:1-7)

  • They believe all the right things, do the right thing.
  • They don’t have any love, compassion, or care for God, His people, or His mission.
  • They pride themselves on being right but are off track.

2. Smyrna (2:8-11)

  • NOTHING is said negatively about them.
  • The persecuted church is a pure church. Posers leave when it gets tough.

3. Pergamum/Pergamos (2:12-17)

  • They didn’t quit when they could have.
  • But they didn’t let go of their old ways, patterns of sin.

4. Thyatira (2:28-29)

  • They were growing little by little in love, faith, and service.
  • They wouldn’t let go of their sexual immorality or confront sin.

5. Sardis (3:1-6)

  • They look strong . but are dead, their heart is dark.
  • No growth, no life, no evangelism.

6. Philadelphia (3:7-13)

  • They do a lot with a little
  • They are faithful
  • They go through open doors boldly, taking risks for the mission.

7. Laodicea (3:14-22)

  • They were a church in name only. They were wealthy but poor spiritually.
  • Materialism, spiritual compromise infected them.
  • Get on my team or get out
  • He offers to save them from their sin, if they will open to Him.


  1. Which of these churches best describes where you are right now?
  2. What needs to change in your life as a result?