The Bible mentions the heart almost 1,000 times. In essence, it says the heart is that spiritual part of us where our emotions and desires dwell. The heart is a big deal because it’s a big deal to God. It’s where our innermost thoughts, desires, and motives come from. But it’s not as easy to manage as we might think. In this video, Pastor Riccardo shares a story from the Bible about a man named Ahab to demonstrate what it would look like for us today to have a heart fully devoted to God.


[1 Kings 16:30]

 But Ahab son of Omri did what was evil in the Lord’s sight, even more than any of the kings before him.


[1 Kings 16:31, 33]

And as though it were not enough to follow the sinful example of Jeroboam, he married Jezebel, the daughter of King Ethbaal of the Sidonians, and he began to bow down in worship of Baal.

Then he set up an Asherah pole. He did more to provoke the anger of the Lord, the God of Israel, than any of the other kings of Israel before him.


3 Conditions Of A Heart Devoted To God


  1. A Believing Heart


[1 Kings 18:37-39]

O LORD, answer me! Answer me so these people will know that you, O LORD, are God and that
you have brought them back to yourself.” Immediately the fire of the LORD flashed down from heaven and burned up the young bull, the wood, the stones, and the dust. It even licked up all the water in the trench! And when all the people saw it, they fell face down on the ground and
cried out, “The LORD – he is God! Yes, the LORD is God!”


2. An Obedient Heart


[1 Kings 20:2]

Then the man of God went to the king of Israel and said, “This is what the Lord says: The
Arameans have said, ‘The Lord is a god of the hills and not of the plains.’ So I will defeat this vast army for you. Then you will know that I am the Lord.”


[1 Kings 20:32, 34b]

So they put on burlap and ropes, and they went to the king of Israel and begged, “Your servant Ben-Hadad says, ‘Please let me live!’” The king of Israel responded, “Is he still alive? So they made a new treaty, and Ben-hadad was set free.


[1 Kings 20:42-43]

The prophet said to him, “This is what the Lord says: Because you have spared the man I said
must be destroyed, now you must die in his place, and your people will die instead of his
people.” So the king of Israel went home to Samaria angry and sullen.


Our obedience to God is more important than even what we think is right.


[1 Samuel 15:22]

But Samuel replied, “What is more pleasing to the Lord: your burnt offerings and sacrifices or your obedience to his voice? Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission is better than offering the fat of rams.


3. A Humbled Heart


[1 Kings 21:16-23]

So Ahab immediately went down to the vineyard of Naboth to claim it. But the Lord said to
Elijah, “Go down to meet King Ahab of Israel, who rules in Samaria. He will be at Naboth’s
vineyard in Jezreel, claiming it for himself. Give him this message: ‘This is what the Lord says:

Wasn’t it enough that you killed Naboth? Must you rob him, too? Because you have done this,
dogs will lick your blood at the very place where they licked the blood of Naboth!’” ”So, my enemy, you have found me!” Yes, Elijah answered, “I have come because you have sold yourself to what is evil in the Lord’s sight. So now the Lord says, ‘I will bring disaster on you and consume you. I will destroy every one of your male descendants, slave and free alike, anywhere in Israel! I am going to destroy your family as I did the family of Jeroboam son of Nebat and the family of Baasha son of Ahijah, for you have made me very angry and have led Israel into sin.’” And regarding Jezebel, the Lord says, ‘Dogs will eat Jezebel’s body at the plot of land in Jezreel.’”


[1 Kings 21:27-29]

But when Ahab heard this message, he tore his clothing, dressed in burlap, and fasted. He even slept in burlap and went about in deep mourning.

Then another message from the Lord came to Elijah: “Do you see how Ahab has humbled
himself before me? Because he has done this, I will not do what I promised during his lifetime. It will happen to his sons; I will destroy his dynasty.


[Psalm 51:16-17]

You do not desire a sacrifice, or I would offer one. You do not want a burnt offering. The
sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.


Application Questions

    1. What stood out to you from this message and why?
    2. What is one thing God is telling you to START doing because of this message?
    3. What is one thing God is telling you to STOP doing because of this message?
    4. How will this message change how you act at home, work and in your relationships?