In a world that revolves around the money, it can be very easy to allow your identity, worth, and success to get wrapped up in your income. In our society, the money you have determines the have’s and the have not’s. The opportunities you will get and the lack thereof. We often assign value to other people based on what they do or don’t have. And to be honest, none of us want to be at the bottom of the barrel so we jump right into the pursuit of money. It helps us feel safe, valuable, secure and successful. And often we choose to place our security in these things then in God. In this week’s teaching, we talk about the security money provides and while we choose to believe money equals security, we are reminded from the Bible where our security truly does lie.



Our money is the #1 competition for God’s place in our hearts.

  • That’s the problem the Christians are trying to solve.


Matthew 6:24

  • You can’t be both a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan.


Why can’t you serve God and money?

  • Because of the role they play in where you find security.


Jesus tells us why we don’t need money.

Matthew 6:25-29


You need God MORE than you need money.

Some of you might even be being disciplined in this area because of the poor choices you’ve made.


Hebrews 12:5-8


You are, right now, trusting God to take care of you, or something else.


Psalm 37:25


The question isn’t whether or not God will take care of you, but whether or not you are Godly, and obedient.


Matthew 6:30-33

Mark 10:26-31


You won’t be generous when you’re rich, if you’re not generous when you’re poor.


Giving Ladder:

  • Give something
  • Give regularly
  • Give percentage
  • Give Tithe
  • Generosity


  • Each step takes a little more faith, doesn’t it? The higher you go, the more trust you need to have in the ladder.
  • Take a step up the ladder. Demonstrate to God His priority and place yourself in a position to have to trust Him.
  • If you’re not sure you can trust this church, pick a church you DO trust and give there.



What do you need to do to take the next step up that ladder and place yourself in the center of where you are most secure?