Evil in the world is almost impossible to ignore. It seems to be everywhere. On the news, social media, on your morning commute. You may have even said to yourself, “What is happening to this world!?” It’s hard to imagine a good God allowing all of the injustices we see go unpunished, but where is God in all of this? Does He care? In the first week of this series, Pastor Sean shows from the book of Amos how God sees the injustice in the world and why sometimes it seems like people get away with evil. He also points out that we tend to be quick to point the finger at the evil in other’s, but we willingly overlook and ignore the evil that exists within us.



  • God sees injustices and keeps score.
  • A God without wrath is a God that isn’t good (Romans 11:22)
  • God wasn’t going to be ignored by his people any longer.
  • Amos calls for repentance and equates it with obedience.
  • In 40 yrs, the Assyrians will come through and God’s giving this last generation several warnings,

Amos says “for three transgressions and then for four”. Jewish idiom meaning that you’ve been getting away with it but not anymore.

Israel saw their wealth as proof God was pleased.



  • God will use anyone – clean, obedient, and available.
  • God holds the Gentiles accountable to Him whether they believe in Him or not.
  • God holds His kids to a higher standard, less excuse.