Out of the three gifts the wise men brought in the Christmas story, gold seems to make the most sense. No new family would turn down gold, especially a family that just had a baby in a barn! But what we might not understand about this gift is that it wasn’t an appropriate gift for just anyone. It was a gift for royalty. In this video, we dive deeper into the meaning of this gift to understand the Magi’s motivations in giving this gift and we’ll discover that this communicates that we all have a choice to make on who Jesus will be in our lives.





Application Questions

  1. What stood out to you from this message and why?
  2. What is one thing God is telling you to START doing because of this message?
  3. What is one thing God is telling you to STOP doing because of this message?
  4. How will this message change how you act at home, at work, and in your relationships?