What does it take to live a life that God would want to bless? A life that when you get to the end of it, you are greeted with the applause of heaven. You get to experience every awesome thing that God had planned for you and squeezed every last drop of greatness from your life. But this kind of life doesn’t happen by accident. In this week’s message, Pastor Sean shares that right now, you might be running away from the very things that God has put in your life in order to give you the blessed life. Sometimes, these things are scary and sometimes they are more than we think we can handle. But God dreams dreams that far outlast the dreams that you have for your life.



The Blessed Life is NOT the wealthy/famous/powerful life. It’s the life that perfectly matches your God-given gifts, talents, personality, calling and purpose.

The Blessed life is crossing the finish line to hear the applause of heaven.

In this series, we’re going to be looking at the first guy mentioned in the Bible to live this kind of Blessed Life.


Genesis 12:1

  • A person of faith runs after the voice of God, rather than FROM
  • Let go of your plans and any other thing that slows you down
  • What are the things you need to let go of that is slowing you down from living the blessed life?
  • Abraham had to decide what he was going to let go of: his plans and dreams or God’s.

God called Abraham to take the first step. 


Genesis 12:2a

God has bigger plans for your life then even you do!


God’s plan changes eternity, your plan does not.


The best plan you have would impact your downline. God’s plan includes impacting people everywhere that you’ve never even met for eternity.


If you get a hospital wing named after you….who cares?

If you owned your own private island….what difference have you made?


1 John 2:15 – 


Some want God’s plan but look around waiting for him to start making it happen.



Genesis 12:2b-3


God’s call- Follow me and I will do something amazing!


God is less concerned with your image than He is your impact.


  • If you’re praying for more fame, more success, more……. God isn’t interested.
  • God is interested in rescuing people and blessing them. He’s looking for people He can do that through.
  • The blessings that God adds to your life are multiplied when they bless others.

Genesis 12:4-5


He took his family and used all his stuff to do whatever God wanted Him to do.


Jesus makes the same request to us that God did to Abram.


Mark 8:34-35


You get one shot in this life. To do things your way or His way.

Don’t waste it chasing the same carrot at the end of a stick that everyone else chases.