The fear of rejection is something that most of us encounter through different seasons of life. We have a need to be liked, loved, and wanted. And in and of itself, there is nothing wrong with this desire, but the problem comes when the fear of others matters more to us than what God thinks. We want to follow God, but as soon as it begins to cost us social status or hinders the pursuits of our career, we bail. We’ve all seen negative things happen to other people and we chose to not do anything because we didn’t want the negative attention focused towards us. But this fear will be a stumbling block for us becoming the person God intended us to be. This week, we look at two things that can help change our perspective and recenter our focus on the life God is asking us to live.



Joshua 24:15
 Galatians 1:10
 1 Kings 12:3-9
1 Kings 12:10-11
1 Kings 12:12-14
Fear is seeking the approval of many. Faith is seeking the approval of one.
1 Kings 22:2-5
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Psalm 118:6
Matthew 6:31-33
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