Every year, Easter comes around and we hear the stories of Jesus being crucified, dying, being buried in the tomb, and then miraculously raising from the dead. But maybe to you, these stories seem a little far fetch. You very well might believe in God and have grown up in church, but now that you’re an adult you have your doubts about how much is fact or fiction. The good news is that you’re not alone. in fact, one of Jesus’ very own disciples felt this way. This Easter, Pastor Sean focuses the Easter story on how a man named Thomas responded to the death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus and shows us how even if you feel distant from God, are on the fringes of religion, or still have your doubts, you are the one person that God would want to speak to today.



I love who Jesus picks for His disciples. None are elite, wealthy, super-educated, well-connected, or power-brokers. Some of his followers were wealthy and connected. It’s just that I’m impressed with who Jesus pursued.


Thomas is one of those. Only talked about 3x in John’s gospel. He’s in the not-so-famous groups and known because of his….doubt.


John 11:5-16

John 11, Jesus’ closest friend and Air BNB, Lazarus, is really sick. His sisters send messengers to let Jesus know. And He waits for 2 days!!

John 11:5-8

  • The last time Jesus was there they were going to kill Him
  • They’re nervous, Jesus is creating waves and building tension
  • To calm them, Jesus explains that He’s aware and in control


John 11:9-10

  • Odd…but He’s saying It’s daylight for me fellas, I got this!:
  • You don’t know what will happen so you have doubt.

John 11:11-13

  • Lazarus is asleep, so I will go wake him.
  • That’s great news, now he’ll get better!


John 11:14-16

  • Dude, he’s dead. I’m glad. It’s a chance for me to show you guys.
  • Thomas Ok let’s go and die.
  • He doesn’t get it and he kind of does right?

John 14:5

  • He’s with Jesus but kind of on the edge of things.


John 20:24-29

  • Jesus dies, as he predicted in a manner He chose in fulfillment of 1,500 years of prophecy and divine prediction.
  • 2 quick reasons for faith: women were first witnesses and none of His followers believed Him.
  • He appeared to Mary but she didn’t recognize.

John 20:24-25

  • Jesus appears to His disciples but Thomas wasn’t there.
  • He again speaks his mind and He’s again just outside of faith.

John 20:26-27

  • Jesus should have been upset, felt He’d wasted His time.
  • Instead, he singles Thomas out and gives Him what he needs.

John 20:28-29

  • Thomas FINALLY gets it, and goes all in, for good.
  • Jesus acknowledges this and blesses….US!


You may believe in god, in your own way. You’re familiar with religion and aren’t necessarily against it but you’d describe yourself like Thomas, on the fringe.

  • You’re not a bad person, per se. It’s just more complicated.
  • Things happened, you and God have grown apart.
  • You may think God is fine with you on the outside but you’re wrong.

If there was one person He’d speak to today, it would be you.

  • What do you need? Why are you so far? Why did you walk away?
  • Can you at least talk to Him about that?
  • Like Mary, I wonder if God has been active in your life all along but you simply didn’t see Him.

If you’re willing to let God speak to you, give Him a solid chance.