Have you ever wondered why God decided to create the world and everything in it? For instance, what was His goal and what was He trying to accomplish? And why did He give mankind the option for evil to exist? In the first week of our series Long Story Short, Pastor Sean looks at the very first account in the Bible – the Creation of the world. Through this story, we see why God created everything, what our purpose is in His story, and why He allowed the option for everything perfect He created to be ruined by evil.



My favorite time is the American Revolution. Long story short…

  • Continental Congress
  • Taxation without representation.
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Washington raised an army to fight with militia
  • French fleet cornered British and forced surrender.


Genesis 1:1-5 – The story is not about us, it’s about Him.

It brought God pleasure to create and recreate.

Genesis 1:24-27 – He fills the Earth with things that make Him happy and savers the best for last.

Genesis 1:28-31 – He blesses them, calls them to reproduce/rule/order, to create and recreate as He did.

What’s missing? Government, law, rules, temples. Bible. Church, religion.

All Creation is led . by Holiness and Love.


You might have thought the Bible was about Judaism, Christianity, religion, right vs wrong. It’s not. It’s a story about a Creator and His creation and how they are to live in holiness and live.


God creates for His glory and loves us because we are created specially in His image, just like any parent loves their child.



LOVE – GENESIS 2:18 first time creation did not bring God pleasure.

-mankind was isolated and alone.

God gives man a woman and their love for each other is to be a reflection of his love for them.


HOLINESS – Genesis 2:8, 15-17. 

  • Tree of Life represents the meeting place for their relationship with God, His promise to provide, His authority and blessing over them, the promise that He will provide.
  • Tree of Knowledge represents self-reliance, independence from God as the source of truth, meaning, love and blessing.


All God wanted was a family more concerned about doing right and loving well.




Everyday we wake up and make the exact same choice:

  1. Does God define right.wrong, govern my life and is He the source of every blessing and the object of my worship?
  2. Will I choose to live independently of His authority, determine His ways are not my ways, and that all I have is mine for my glory and my good?