Have you ever received a gift that just blew you away? Something that you weren’t necessarily expecting and maybe even something that you didn’t deserve. How did you feel when you opened that gift? Around Christmas, we talk a lot about giving and receiving gifts, but what if the best gift you’ve ever been given was still unopened. What if was there, ready for the taking, and all you had to do was accept it. This Christmas, we talk about the gift that God gave to us, Jesus.  Not a gift that requires a certain performance from us, but a gift that can help fix the most broken parts of our lives that even we can’t fix.



When the very first two people had turned their back on the source of all that is good, clean, holy, and just they found they had created all that was bad, evil, dirty, and unfair.


God sat them down and explained the consequences:

  • They now had bad hearts and a guilty conscience.
  • They would be born selfish
  • They would fight with each other
  • They would wander far from God and do bad things.


BUT in Genesis 3, God said that one day He would send them a gift.

This gift would:

  • Bring them joy on their toughest day
  • Give them strength when they were weak
  • Provide a family when they felt all alone
  • Shine light in the darkest parts of their heart.

He would send them a Rescuer.



He came into the world, as it was, to help it become what it was meant to be back at the beginning.


And He wants to be a part of your world to do the same too!


He took al of our sin on Himself, paid for them and raised from the dead with new life, to give you a new life too.


This gift is for EVERYONE


This gift doesn’t belong to everyone until they accept it. (John 1:10-13)


That’s why this gift is so great. It’s for every person who’s ever lived and anyone can have it.

  • He heals our bad hearts.
  • He cleans our guilty conscience
  • He calls us to stop living for ourselves and lay down our lives Him and the Good News.
  • He brings us back to our Creator and gives us a better path to walk.