In the first week of our series DNA, we explore the first and most important of our churches values – Biblically Centered. We recognize that we didn’t invent us. We didn’t choose to be born with the skills, IQ, or advantages. All of that was a gift given to us by God to be leveraged in this life. And because, we didn’t invent us, God has a unique plan for our lives and it’s in His Word that we discover that plan and are held accountable to it. It doesn’t mean that we’ll always like everything that it says, but that we can trust everything it says.



Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story thought he was a Space Ranger but wasn’t.

  • He didn’t determine who he was, because he didn’t invent himself.
  • Once he discovered what he was made for, he was able to blossom into who he was made to be.

Truthfully, the idea that we get to invent ourselves is the very first lie that mankind believed, which led to all other sins.


There’s something God is TRYING to do in our lives – Eph 2:8-10

  • Our choice to obey/disobey takes us closer or pulls us from that.
  • If you decide ahead, the choice is a lot easier in the moment.

We are measured and held accountable by His Word. – Hebrews 4:12-13

  • Our #1 value, as a faith community, is Biblically Centered.
  • “We don’t adjust the Bible to fit our lives, we adjust our lives to fit the Bible.”
  • Why? He is the Creator, he designed me, I can trust Him. he knows best. So I’ve already decided.
  • Doesn’t mean I like everything it says. It means everything it says can be trusted to be right and best for me.

For some, this is the missing ingredient of your faith. The Bible tells you who you are, who God is, what you’re here for, and how to get the greatest return on investment from your life.


Where do we get the ability to begin living this way? Romans 6:1-6



  1. Accept what the Bible has to say about your sin and what God has done for you, in regards to your sin.
  2. Repent of your sin, call on Jesus for forgiveness and commit your life to Him.
  3. Put to death the old you, the life focused on self and selfishness
  4. Start doing what Jesus actually said to do and see if you don’t start to become who He actually created you to be.