When Jesus enters the world in the Christmas story, we see Him enter in the scene in the most humble and disadvantaged position. He wasn’t rich or powerful, he didn’t stand out in a crowd, and He didn’t demand the attention and affection of others. In this week’s message, we see that Jesus entered the scene looking to give up His right as God and intentionally be at a disadvantage so that He could serve everybody. To show that His love, hope, and forgiveness is for all, no matter their past. Pastor Sean talks about how this Christmas, we can take our next step as followers of Jesus by giving up our “rights” to serve those who don’t deserve it and to abandon our wants to follow God’s will.



Luke 2:17-21

Jesus (Yeshua), common name like Bill or John.

  • Common because of Joshua, successor of Moses and is the first priest of the new temple.
  • You’d think the Messiah would get a cool name and be destined for greatness.

Isaiah 53:2 says that there was nothing about Jesus’ appearance that would attract us to him.

Jesus was most likely a little guy, jacked from carpentry, born in a cave to disgraced parents, given an ordinary name and unattractive.

Why? Jesus took role of servant > king, position to serve.


Mark 10:45 NOT to BE served but TO serve!

Circumcision, cutting away of the flesh and mark of faith.

  • This placed Jesus under the Old Covenant.
  • Romans 2:25-29 circumcision of heart > flesh
  • Romans 9:24-25, 30-33 Jesus bridges the gap Jew/Gentile
  • Jesus was born without any advantages, went through what everyone went through to bring hope to everyone else still going through it.

Hebrews 4:15 faced the same testings to empathize.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4, calls us to follow same pattern

  • 1 Tim 6:17-18, Rich use their wealth to do good, depending on God not money.
  • Luke 6:27-30, Love enemies, turn cheek
  • Galatians 6:10, do good to everyone, especially family faith.
  • My life is not my own

You won’t do this unless you are able to give up your rights.

You have to do that in order to put self in a position to serve.



Like Jesus, your beginning doesn’t have to determine your ending…

  1. Who do you have a hard time serving?
  2. How might God be using the struggle you’re in today, to serve others tomorrow?
  3. What if your prayer changed from “take this away” to “take me through this and use this for someone else”?
  4. What if your next step was to do what Jesus did in Matthew 3:13-17?


In the manger, Jesus cut himself off from wealth, privilege, advantage, ;power,  so that Her could follow God’s will and serve mankind.

In my life, I cut myself off from sin, pride, rights so that I can follow God’s will and serve mankind.