Serving Our International Community

We believe God’s love has no bounds to country or region. We are passionate about sharing His love and meeting people’s needs in communities across the globe. Here are some of the international projects we are excited to take part in.

Montevideo, Uruguay – Church plant

Members of this church family, started by Esteban and Emily Alvarez, have been intentional about being a resource to its community by helping with restoration work at local schools, as well as hosting public sports camps and parenting classes. The Alvarez family has been in the city of Montevideo for three years, laying the groundwork for the church plant launch in September, 2018.

Guatemala – Church plant & Feeding Center

Church planters PJ and Morgan Hernandez hope that through their community, covering medical expenses and repairing homes for locals, that the people will want to know God. They also hope to launch a project called “Family 300,” in which partners can fund a family’s bunk bed, wood-burning stove, or house repair costs. We are also partnered with a feeding center in Guatemala that provides food for 140 kids a day. For most, it is the only nutritional meal they will eat all day.

Hatgal, Mongolia – Church plant

Chris and Stephanie Ballinger are passionate about training Mongolian leaders to plant churches in the four villages surrounding their town of Hatgal. Currently, nearly 14,000 people in the area are without a home church.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Church plant

Tomas and Christina Christensen planted Open Church this past September in a newer district of Copenhagen in Denmark, where less than 1% of the population attend a Bible centered church. Open Church has led the way in “drive-in” church during the COVID-19 pandemic for their area, with services broadcast all over Europe!

Christchurch, New Zealand – Church plant

As they prepare for their church launch in the year 2020, Ben and Raelene Walker have been establishing themselves in their community, building relationships with their neighbors in an effort to understand the heart and motivations of the people in Christchurch. This couple is passionate about creating connections, in an area where connections are lacking, and only 1,500 residents out of 400,000 residents, attend a church service regularly.

Lucas Perks, Belfast, Ireland – Church plant

The Perks have partnered with several local churches, with the vision of bringing churches to the community in Belfast, Ireland, where followers of Jesus can share their lives with one another and help on another grow.

Vipingo, Kenya – Church plant & feeding center

Our church planter in Vipingo, Kenya is working to connect with the unreached people groups of the South Coast of Kenya, which are predominately Muslim. In partnering with this project through MANNA Worldwide, we’ll be helping to expand their church building to keep up with it’s growth, which also stands as both a school and feeding center for over 1,000 children on a daily basis!