Kasper lives in what has been called the happiest city in the world by travelers. The locals of Copenhagen, Denmark enjoy clean and efficient transportation, short work weeks, even free college. The average Dane has access to everything they need to meet most of their needs.

There is a great need among the majority of Danes, however, that tends to go unnoticed; the spiritual need for a connection with God.

In the district where Open Church just opened its doors, fewer than one percent is actively a part of a church family. While many might attend a Christmas service or baptism once a year, the majority would say God does not exist.

This is the spiritual culture Kasper is used to.

So when Kasper’s wife, Sarah, invited him to attend a preview service for the opening of Open Church, he was not excited. “He did not want to go to church,” says Open Church’s pastor, Tomas. Tomas continues, “But out of love for her, he did.”

The impact was almost immediate.

“That Sunday, he received Jesus.”

These days, Kasper takes his whole family to church each weekend and serves on Open Church’s media team.

“A few weeks back, Sarah says she came into the living room after putting the kids to bed one,” says Tomas, “and he (Kasper) was sitting there with a guitar, worshipping God.”

Open Church hopes that with the help of people giving to the Hope Project 2020, their church can receive assistance offsetting the cost of their opening, and eventually see thousands of stories like Kasper’s.

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