Amirah: “I can hear Him”

[She] always prayed before bed out of habit. But connecting with God still seemed doubtful – “Could He even hear someone like her?” she wondered.

Now in the Amirah home, shame still suffocated her dreams. She felt constant pressure to prove her worth. If God is so perfect, how could He love and forgive all the ugly parts of me?

But late one sleepless night, forgotten lyrics drifted into her mind – “Amazing grace…saved a wretch like me…”  Childhood hymns she hadn’t thought about in years.

We sang it together, just like she used to with her family. I told her that the man who wrote that song had been a slave driver and done unspeakable things. He asked God to forgive him, and He did. “That is grace – Undeserved favor. Unearned right-standing with a perfect God. A perfect God, who has given Himself for us.” And right now, He had brought that song she heard years ago back to her memory.

Her eyes lit up. “I guess God is speaking to me,” she said, surprised. “Bringing that song back…I can hear Him.”

She still asks God to reveal more of Himself. She recently welcomed Jesus into her heart. God’s voice broke through the lies she had believed for too long. For the first time, she’s daring to believe His grace is real. That spark of faith has been growing day by day since being here.  

The Amirah home has given her a safe space to embrace God’s voice of love that drowns out the echoes of shame. For once, perfection seems possible – not by her striving, but through resting in His undeserved gift of grace.

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