Sunday services are getting packed to capacity. If the thought of joining a life group makes you feel awkward, we have a solution for you! And a chance to help out one of our church plants, in Quincy.


You may have noticed it’s getting harder to find a seat at our Sunday services.

And finding a parking spot? Not easy.

That’s because our church family has been growing by the hundreds. We’re super excited about that part!

Problem is, we’re running out of space on Sundays for friends and neighbors coming for the first time. Some have even turned around and gone home without ever entering the building because they couldn’t find a space to park!

So here’s what we need from you: 

*Takes deep breath*

Start attending the Saturday night service. Also…serve Sunday mornings still.

Ah, we know! It sounds crazy!

Here’s the thing though: this will ensure there is not only enough room for first-timers, but also that they still experience:

  • A warm greeting at the door
  • A classroom for their kids
  • Worship music
  • Oh-so-needed coffee

All these acts of service are an important way to help these new families experience Christ’s love!

And check it out, you’d be surprised how many people who attend Saturdays and serve Sundays say it actually works out pretty nicely:

“[Though] I still teach preschool every other Sunday, I found that I liked [attending Saturday] more. I like the raw, real reactions [to Pastor Sean’s first message of the weekend]. Some weeks I feel like I need more of that.”
Annmarie Perkins, Grace Kids Teacher

“We originally started going Saturday because the rest of my family are not morning people. Now we go so it leaves us open to serve during Sunday services when needed. ”
Shannon Oteri, Grace Kids Teacher

We really do think if you give it a try, you’ll love it!

Meantime, if you have also had a hard time finding a parking spot lately, here is a handy diagram of all the available lots.

Nervous about jumping into a life group? Try out our Life Group Preview Session first!

We get it…it can absolutely be intimidating to show up to a stranger’s house for the first time, especially if you don’t know what to expect! We want to help make it easier to take that step of becoming a part of a life group. That’s why we have the Life Group Preview session Monday, May 8th at 7 PM in the Connection Center. You’ll get the chance to learn what life groups are like, ask questions and even experience a “run through” of a typical meeting. At the end, we can even set up with a group that is personalized to your stage of life. Get more information or sign up here.


Our church plant in Quincy is doing some construction on a new building, and they could use some help!

Life Community Church has been meeting at a middle school. They recently purchased a building and are looking for some volunteers to help them fix it up. If you can destroy things with a hammer, carry trash from one place to another, or frame doors, floors and walls (okay, we admit that last task takes more skill than the others), and are willing to help them out weekdays from 8 AM to 7 PM or Saturdays from 9 AM to 4 PM, email Avery Diener.


If you love the smell of motorcycle exhaust fumes and tasty barbecue, join us for our “Bike Blessing” later this month

“Bike Blessings” are a long-time tradition among bikers. Every year, whether they are committed to faith or not, many bikers gather at churches with their bikes to say a prayer to mark the start of the biking season. If you ride motorcycles and attend Grace Church, this is an awesome way to participate in a fun tradition while also sharing God’s love with other riders in our community. Make sure to invite your biker friends! This “Bike Blessing” will take place at 1:30 PM on Sunday, April 30th. You can expect a short time of prayer, followed by a cookout. No sign up or leather jacket required. For more information, email Pastor Ken.


  • Baptisms – THIS WEEKEND. Sign up here.


  • VolleesFriday, May 5th from 7-9 PM. No sign up needed.


  • Sierra Leone Service Trip Signup Deadline – May 8th. Sign up here.


  • AA “Big Book” Meetings – Thursdays, 7pm at Grace Church. No sign up needed.


  • Men’s Focus Group – June 1st-3rd. Sign up here.


Last time, we introduced you to Mike Mancuso who heads up our Photography Team, one of our 3 new Creative Tech service teams. This week, meet a young talent who’s already making her mark with our new videography team.

If you attended one of our Easter services, you may have noticed we have a cool, new countdown video. That’s the work of Nicole Schiarizzi. We caught up with her to talk about the video and her experience on the videography team so far.

How did you get started with the Videography Team?

Nicole: “Actually, it was by accident! I’d been praying for a while for more creative opportunities, and when I learned that one of the members of my Life Group was on the Photography Team, I reached out to the media staff members to see if I could get involved. When I mentioned my background in video production, they told me that they were looking to start a Videography Team and asked if I would want to participate.”

What is your experience in video?

Nicole: “I got my Bachelor’s degree in Media Production last spring from Emerson College, where I mainly focused on documentary work. I’ve also been teaching summer video classes for children at Bridgewater State for the last several years, where we’ve made some really hilarious out-of-the box movies that I probably enjoy just as much as the kids do, if not more.”

How do you think video can make a difference in people’s lives and draw them closer to God?

Nicole: “Video is powerful because it allows us to tell stories in a way like no other medium. It’s one thing to hear a person’s story, it’s another to read about it, but to be able to both see and hear peoples’ stories played out before us can hold so much weight. Using video to tell others about Jesus and how he has worked uniquely in each of us, as well as being able to share it so easily with so many, has the ability to change hearts and lives.”

Can you tell us about the thought process behind the new countdown video you made?

Nicole: “I [shot video] of just about everything going on at Grace, from kids church to Sunday night youth group to the teaching, trying to capture the culture of the church, which is so vibrant and diverse and welcoming. Grace has such a wonderful atmosphere, and I really [wanted] to capture that. ”

What kinds of things would you love to see happen in the future with the videography team?

Nicole: “I would love for us to go even beyond showing what kind of a church Grace is and who we are as a whole, to showing who we are as individuals that make up the church. It would be awesome to tell the unique stories of our church members, life groups and ministries. We’re thinking about doing some testimony videos in the future, which I’m especially excited for!”

Interested in joining one of our Creative Tech service teams, which includes the Videography Team, Photography Team and Graphic Design Team? Let us know here!