Steven attended Grace Church on weekends, but when it came to attending a life group during the week, he was hesitant. “I always made excuses of life being too busy with four kids. I wasn’t really investing myself in the Grace Family,” he says. He could tell it affected his relationship with God. “I wasn’t growing on a consistent basis,” he says.

Then a close friend of his wife’s started a life group and invited them to be a part of it. Steven and his wife tried it out. “My wife made me,” he says with a laugh, “I half-heartedly obeyed.” After a couple of months, Steven found himself growing close with his group members, “We really started forming a connection,” he says.

When Steven needed spinal surgery, it was his life group that helped his family get through it. “Oh man,” he says, “After surgery, they set up a meal train to ease the burden on my wife while I recovered at home. I really don’t know how my family could have gone through this time without our LG (life group) family.” Steven says that he doesn’t quite know how to describe the feeling, but throughout the entire ordeal of surgery and his recovery, he could feel the prayers of his life group. “I have never experienced the peace and presence of God quite like that before in my life,” he says, “I can honestly say that affected my love for Jesus and love for others, including strangers.”

Now Steven looks forward to seeing his friends at life group each week and is growing in his relationship with God. He says, “They have caused me to fall more deeply in love with Jesus and have given me a desire to share that love openly. These people have become a special part of my life.“

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