Feeling Happy Again

[Mindy] felt lost when she came to the Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices, alone and overwhelmed by her new pregnancy. Unsure how to support herself and her growing baby without family or a partner, she considered abortion as a dark possibility.

“I couldn’t believe how loving and kind everyone was when I first visited,” Mindy said. The center immediately offered support and guidance when she expected rejection. The caring team provided prenatal medical referrals and other resources to help Mindy develop hope. They even arranged a baby shower with needed supplies she wasn’t sure she could expect to have for her newborn.

In her lowest moments, Mindy never imagined “feeling happy again.” But the BCPC community rallied around her, reminding her of her own strength. “I didn’t have anything for my baby, but now I know my child will be healthy and okay.”

Mindy left the center standing taller, courage and resilience lifted by grace. “Thank you for all of the help you have given me and my baby,” she shared with the team at BCPC. The future once fully dependent on finding compassion from others transformed into a bright possibility thanks to the compassion freely given when she needed it most.

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