Change is inevitable. You’ll inherit new responsibilities at work, your marriage may go through trials and your roles in life may shift. Even positive changes – a promotion, birth/adoption or a new home – can cause a little bit of stress. As priorities shift, it’s important that we take notice of how life change affects our responses, relationships and emotional health. Stay anchored in wellbeing with these simple, uplifting tips:

Plan ahead.

Making plans ahead of time can reduce stress as changes come. Talk to loved ones and make contingency plans for potential situations. Being proactive gives us a sense of control and purpose.

Change your thinking. 

Reframing our thinking can help us see change in a more positive light. Rather than dread the uncertainty, view it as an opportunity for growth or renewal. Focus on the potential benefits that can come with change.

Count your blessings.

Making lists of things we are grateful for is another way to stay grounded. Appreciating what we do have helps us deal with difficult transitions.

Create a routine.

Sticking to routines (even if just small routines) and maintaining some sense of normalcy amidst change can also provide stability. Keep up healthy habits like exercise, hobbies, and connections with loved ones. Maintain routines that nourish your mind, body and soul. Find comfort in the familiar.

Seek support.

Seeking support from others who understand what we’re going through is so important. Turn to family, friends, mentors, or support groups. We don’t have to navigate change alone. Being vulnerable and asking for help when we need it is a sign of strength.

Acknowledge that things are changing.

Embrace change rather than denying it. Acceptance allows us to face and process our feelings before we can adapt. Recognizing that this season will pass can help us look ahead with renewed hope. With compassion for ourselves and others, we can weather any change that comes our way.

Be patient with yourself and others.

Show patience and compassion toward yourself and others as you adjust to change. This transition may stir up frustration, but meet those feelings with understanding rather than judgment. It takes time to find our footing when circumstances shift. Grant yourself and loved ones grace as we navigate this process together.