Helping families around the south shore that are struggling to get by is the big task that Agnes is faced with routinely as the director of the Braintree Food Pantry. Fortunately, partnering with Grace Church for the 2020 Hope Project has gone a long way in helping her face the challenge head on.

She recalls one particular call for help the pantry was glad to be able to answer. It was two weeks before Christmas, and the chill of winter was setting in when a local mom made the startling realization that she couldn’t heat her home. “She was totally out of oil,” says Agnes.

Not only that, but their oil tank needed to primed, which would set the family back another $500. “Her and her daughter did not realize until there was no heat that the situation was that bad,” says Agnes.

This mother was living paycheck to paycheck and didn’t know where the money would come from. “She was in the military, she served her country, got a low paying job and could barely pay the rent. I could not let that go” says Agnes.

With support from the 2020 Hope Project, Agnes and her team from the Braintree Food Pantry were able to help the mom heat her home once again. Agnes says, “Thanks to donations like Grace [Church’s], we are able to say YES in the name of Christ and offer help.”

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