We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that throughout the last year your date nights with your spouse have probably suffered. Maybe some of you, can’t even remember what a date night is! While you are probably not opposed to having a regular date night with your spouse again, you are probably having a harder time figuring out what to do, because the whole stay at home to watch a movie is kinda getting old.

Here are some of our favorite, COVID-safe date night ideas.


1. Grab Takeout And Eat In Your Car

Now pre-COVID this would have been a terrible date night idea right? But considering how long it’s been since you’ve been able to spend time talking with your spouse, quietly, and without interruption…starting to sound better already right? Head to one of your favorite restaurants, grab some takeout, and find a spot to park and enjoy talking again.


2. At Home Date Box

These date night activities are shipped right to your front door and give you and your spouse something unique to do together for a date. Here are some favorites

  • DateBox Club –  Buy one for $39.95 or save by buying up to 12 months at once. OR get the digital date night idea and buy the supplies yourself for $4.99.
  • Crate Joy Date Night In A Box – From at home crafts, to s’mores, and detective dates. Ranges from $20-$50 per box.


3. Two Person Board Games

Two person board games – A lot of games are fun to play in groups, but a lot are not so fun for just you and your spouse. Here are some games that are made for 2 people. Put the kids to bed, grab some takeout dessert and bust open a new game.

  • 7 Wonders DuelThis two-player adaption of the popular 7 Wonders board game has players navigate three rounds, gaining buildings to accrue resources, gold, technologies, and military might.
  • Tiny TownsResource management game, in which players attempt to construct their own towns using the cards and pieces available on the board. 
  • Rivals For Catan – Classic Catan but designed with two players in mind.
  • I Should Have Known ThatAn addictively entertaining trivia game with over 400 questions about things that you should know.
  • Taco vs BurritoTACO vs. BURRITO is a deliciously unpredictable card game where players compete to create the weirdest, wildest meal. 
  • Ticket To RideConnect iconic North American cities and build your train routes to earn points
  • Our Moments Couples100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships – Fun Conversation Cards Game for Couples


4. At Home Escape Room

You’ve probably mentioned once or twice this year about dreaming of escaping your house. Do it with your spouse!

  • Escape Room In A Box – You have to solve 19 mental and physical puzzles before a mad scientist turns you into werewolves—and you have only an hour to do it! To enhance gameplay, players can connect to the Amazon Alexa.
  •  EXIT The Game 4 pack – The EXIT: The Game series allows you to bring the excitement, intensity, and team spirit of an escape room to your living room. In each EXIT game, your team starts out locked in an imaginary room or trapped somewhere. You must solve a series of riddles and puzzles in order to unlock doors and objects and reveal new riddles.
  • Hunt A Killer – Find out who done it at home! Prices start at $30 per box.


5. Take An Online Cooking Class

Have you even quarantined if you have not tested some of your cooking / baking skills? Put the kids to bed and brush up on some of your culinary skills!


6. Have A Meaningful Conversation

Communication is one of those skills that always needs sharpening and the more we understand about our spouses and the better we can communicate, the more healthy of a relationship we can have with them. Grab some snacks and your favorite beverage (or two) and try some of these questions to get good conversation going.


  • If you could relive a year of your life, what age would you choose?
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to tell someone? And why? (and who!?)
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to ask me and why?
  • Is there anything I can do to love you better?
  • What would your perfect day look like?
  • What’s another career you think you’d love?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?
  • When was a time you felt really close to me?
  • If safety wasn’t a concern, which natural phenomenon /disaster would you want to experience?
  • What was going through your mind on our first date?
  • What do you want us to be like in 5 years? 10 years? 25 years?
  • If we had an extra $1000 each month, what would you want to do with it?