We all know that our time is limited. And what we do with our time says a great deal about who we are. When we’re intentional about prioritizing family, rest, work, and service in our schedules, life can feel a whole lot less chaotic. Here’s a few tips on making the most of our time.

Set goals and follow them

Whether you’re still working from the goals you set at the beginning of the year, or you’ve started over for the 100th time last week, having a goal you can look at helps us to stay focused. First, ask yourself “do my goals reflect what I really want to spend my time on?” Then, write your goals down, put them somewhere you will see them daily, and take steps daily towards accomplishing them.

Start your day a little earlier

Those morning minutes set the tone for a less hurried, more meaningful day. Getting up ahead of the rush and spending some time to get focused provides margin and prevents constant catch-up mode. When you’re not frantic, it’s easier to fit in priorities like exercise, family time, and rest. Practice it – consistently go to bed earlier and wake up with calm rather than chaos. You’ll be amazed at how a small morning routine creates space for what matters most all day long.

Learn how to delegate

Said another way, let’s give up control and start trusting one another. Ask for help. Allow others to be a part of your life using their skills and time. When we work together, things often turn out even better than we expected.

Be realistic and flexible 

When life happens and plans change, be gracious with yourself. Build realistic schedules with buffer time for the unexpected. This self-compassion reduces stress when things don’t go exactly as planned. Stay flexible, and see how your attitude changes about what needs to get done in your day to day.

Make time to have fun

Time management isn’t just about checking tasks off our to-do lists. It’s about nurturing our whole selves with rest, reflection, recreation and relationships. Having things to look forward to, whether a bike ride, coffee with a friend, or a night with family, provides peace of mind. Commit to prioritizing our emotional wellbeing as much as our work.