Looking for ideas of what to do for Valentine’s Day that are a different from the typical dinner date? Here are 5 great options of things to do right here on the south shore.

An axe throwing house

Yes, you read that right. Axe throwing. It is actually becoming a trendy activity and is perfect for the couple that doesn’t like a boring date. We recommend checking out Crazy Axes, which claims to be the only axe-throwing house on the south shore!

A paint night

You can learn a new skill and have something cool to take home at the end of the night. Sips n Canvas is located right in Stoughton and is a great option for group dates. There is even a Groupons available at the time of this post’s publish date.

Cooking lessons

Boost your culinary confidence together with cooking lessons! We recommend Gather restaurant in Pembroke for its great reviews and 100% nut free kitchen and restaurant, though you can find several other great cooking classes around the south shore.

A pottery-making class

There’s something cathartic about sticking your hands in clay. There are a variety of pottery-making studios around the south shore. We recommend the award-winning South Shore Pottery Shop, which also offers special valentine’s day classes!

A couples massage

Do we even need to explain the benefits of a couple massage? It’s romantic and relaxing. We recommend this spa on the Easton-Brockton line for its positive reviews and Valentine’s Day offers.