Figured out your resolutions for the new year? Great! That’s half the battle. Now it’s time to pick how you’re going to keep track of your progress. Here are our 4 favorite option.

1. The Habit Tracker journal

Not only does this Habit Tracker calendar journal help you keep track of your habits each day, it also includes a comprehensive guide on how to break down your goals into practical steps! Plus, it comes with fun stickers to help you stay motivated!

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2. A goal-tracking game

Achieving your goals doesn’t have to be boring. The free Habitica app actually turns them into a virtual game! You create a character and track your progress while it doles out rewards and even punishments to keep you going. It also includes a built-in social network so you can stay accountable and supported.

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3. A reusable calendar with habit-tracking checklist

This calendar from Amazon is big enough to keep your goals front and center in your bedroom or office. It also comes with a bunch of accessories, which is a definite plus!

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4. A free printable habit tracker

This is another good option for those who love the feeling of physically checking off a task with pen and paper. We made a free habit-tracking sheet you can print out each month, with space to record a reward of your choice.

Notice there is only space for three habits, to increase your odds of achieving your goals!

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Now get out there and crush those resolutions! 👊