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When Everything Else Failed

When Everything Else Failed

Each work day, David would approach the corrections facility where he was employed, and tell himself just to hold it together. He only had to make it to the end of his shift.

While on duty, Dave looked official in his uniform, like a corrections officer should. In reality, the whole time, he was like a pebble in a loaded slingshot, ready to snap back into the arms of a dangerous addiction as soon as he punched the clock.

“My life was spiraling out of control as a result of a twelve-year addiction to cocaine and heroin,” says David, “that had complete control of my life, to the point that [my family was] giving up hope that I could ever recover.”

And he almost didn’t recover.

One day, David suffered a near fatal overdose.

After that, David says, “I was ready to try anything.”

He entered Teen Challenge, a faith-based residential and short-term care organization for people who struggle with life-controlling problems like drugs and alcohol, “hoping,” says David, “God could save me, because everything else had failed.”

It was through Teen Challenge that David was not only able to get clean but to know and follow Jesus.

“I developed a relationship with Jesus that I don’t know how I ever lived without,” says David, “I was made mentally, physically, and spiritually well by the power of the Holy Spirit and the program of Teen Challenge.”

Upon completing the program, David even got hired on as staff.

Today, he serves as the program supervisor at the Massachusetts campus of Teen Challenge. David says, “I have the opportunity to help others come to know the Lord and overcome the same addictions that nearly destroyed my life.”

Want to help Teen Challenge fund their new short-term support offices? You can partner with them through our Hope Project, donating here!