Weddings At Grace Church


We are so excited for your big day! If you would like to celebrate your special day at Grace Church, we ask that you first take a look at the terms of our wedding policies. All couples must agree to the four terms below in order to be married here:

1. Who can hold their wedding at Grace Church

At this time, we only host weddings for members of Grace Church or regular attenders.

2. Requirements for couples before their wedding day

We believe marriage is a lifetime commitment, and we feel premarital counseling is a necessary step to take before making that commitment. For this reason, we require all couples to participate in our weekly, 6-8 week premarital counseling program before getting married at Grace. These programs occur two times per year. For questions, please call Pastor Ken at 781.297.2970 or email him at

3. Setting the wedding date

Wedding date is subject to approval, based on staff schedules and activities taking place at Grace Church.

4. Fees

There is a $50 an hour fee for media technician services and auditorium use, for a minimum of 3 hours.  A $250 cleaning fee will be charged for weddings of more than 50 people. There is a $250 fee to have a Grace Staff Pastor perform your ceremony.

To get started planning your wedding here, please fill out our Wedding Request Form. This will capture the details of this special day, and give you a chance to request a specific date and time.

Payments can be made here.