Grace Scavenger Hunt


  1. Competition starts Saturday at 8am, You have until Sunday Night at 8pm to complete the Scavenger Hunt and post your photos to either Facebook or Instagram.
  2. All photos must be in a single post with a max of 10 photos.
  3. One clue per photo.
  4. Clues can only be used once.
  5. Your entire team/family must be in each photo.
  6. Tag @thatsgracechurch and use the hashtag #GraceScavengerHunt when posting.
  7. The team with the most points wins a $100 Gift Card to a local restaurant of your choosing.

Please prioritize safety throughout this process – follow all traffic laws, hands free device laws, and maintain social distancing requirements. 



#1 Snap a pic of your team acting as hitchhikers outdoing each other (5 pts) 

#2 Your team are activists protecting the last tree on Earth (5 pts) 

#3 Get creative, snap a shot of your team protesting against marshmallows (10 pts) 5 Point Bonus – For each protest sign you create. 

#4 A pic of your team acting like Birdwatchers watching each other (5 pts) 

5 Point Bonus – Wearing binoculars and bird watching hats.

#5 Your team acting like you just became a Million dollar lottery winner (5 pts) 

5 Point Bonus – Create a huge check

#6 Form a human pyramid and take a pic ( 10 pts) 

10 Point Bonus – Coordinate outfits

#7 Picture of a Fire truck  (10 pts) 

10 Point Bonus –  For each Fireman in the picture

#8 Take a picture in front of your town hall (10 pts)

#9 Take a pic in front of your favorite Dunkin (10 pts) 

5 Point Bonus – If you are eating/drinking some Dunkin.

#10 Take a pic in front of your favorite restaurant (10 pts)

#11 Take a picture with an American flag (10 pts) 

10 Point Bonus – If you are wearing red white and blue.

#12 Riddle this and take a picture of it! What can travel around the world while staying in a corner? (20 pts) 

#13 American Muscle – Take a photo of a Ford Mustang, a Chevrolet Camaro, or a Dodge Charger. (10pts) 

10 Point Bonus – If the car is from the 60’s or 70’s. 

#14 Rewind – Find and take a photo of a team member holding a video or tape Cassette. Any video or tape cassette will do. (10 pts) 

10 Point Bonus – If it’s a mixtape. 

#15 Find a street sign that has a team members name on it (20 pts)

#16 I’m Flying! – Find your own epic location and take a photo of two team members reenacting the famous Jack and Rose scene at the front of the Titanic. (20 pts)

#17 Sparkle and Shine -Take a pic of your team in a vehicle going through a car wash. (20 pts) 

10 Point Bonus – Pay for the person in line behind you, both cars must be in the photo.

#18 Abbey Road – Take a photo at a quiet street crossing of your team members recreating the Beatles’ famous album cover. (15pts) 

15 Point Bonus – If you dress like the Beatles. 

#19 Make a call on a pay phone (15 pts)

#20 Get a picture of your entire team in a reflection other than a mirror (20 pts)

#21 Find a statue of a person (20 pts)

#22 Take a picture of a live fish that you caught from a pond, please release it after the photo.  (20 pts) 

10 Point Bonus – For a Bass or Trout.

#23 Take a pic of your entire team in front of any Grace Church location (50 pts) Avon, Braintree, West Bridgewater