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Wonder Women

There are many women who made incredible impacts throughout history and whose stories are included in the Bible. Despite cultural roles and expectations, God made sure to include the stories of many women who through their strength and devotion to God impacted the world as we know it. This series, Wonder Women, examines some of the stories of the most influential women in the Bible, how God used them to make a difference, and what all of us, both men and women, can learn from their example.

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As Pastor Taylor continues our series Wonder Women, we get a closer look at Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Mary just might be one of the most misunderstood women in Scripture. Some religious traditions paint Mary to be something that Scripture never says. She is often idolized and put on a pedestal but the Bible teaches that Mary was no different than you or I. But she was used in an incredible way because she simply chose to say yes when God intervened in her life. In this message, we look at how Mary responded to her "God moment" and 3 lessons that we can learn from her life and faith.

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This week, Pastor Ken looks at the story of Rahab in our second week in our series Wonder Woman. But not long into story, we see that Rahab has quite a bit of baggage. In fact, she's a hooker. But despite the pain, disappointment, and hurt of her past she chooses to give God the pen of her life and to rewrite her story. From this story, Pastor Ken shares 3 reasons why you should consider giving God the pen of your life and let Him write a better story.

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Chances are you've never heard the name Jochebed before and more so, you probably have no idea what she ever did in history. But Jochebed was the mother of Moses, you know, the one with the Ten Commandments? Now without her, there obviously wouldn't have been Moses , but Jochebed played a very special, specific role that would alter much of what we know about the Jewish people. In this teaching, Pastor Sean gives the story of Jochebed and shows 3 lessons we can learn from Jochebed and her story.

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